The Impact of Technology on the Current Company

Every company that wants to be competitive has to advance at the same time as technology. How does technology and advancement in the digital world help the current company? The technology can have a direct impact in any of the business areas:
• Search for financing, now it's easier. The most innovative companies, especially new businesses, can find possible sources of financing on the Internet. Now it is possible to register a project on different platforms in the network in order to more easily access investors, business angels and obtain capital for the business. Despite the good prospects for finding financing, do not forget the basics: a project must always be backed by a complete business plan, either in digital format or on paper.

• Reduction of costs to be more efficient. Thanks to technology and innovation in processes, companies can reduce their costs in services, supplies, and procedures, focusing on the main business. Outsourcing, cloud services or teleporting are already part of the day to day of many companies today.

• Big Data to decide correctly. Managing data properly is key to making the right decisions. Collecting, storing and analyzing a large amount of data allows us to better understand what is done and how it is done, innovate in products and services, anticipate opportunities and adapt better to customer needs. As the consultancy firm McKinsey points out in its Big Data study: the next frontier for innovation, competitiveness and productivity, the management of Big Data will be the key to the competitiveness and growth of any company.

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• Digital consumer, digital marketing. Consumer behavior has changed with new technologies. Now we talk about e-Commerce, Omnichannel, social networks, payment media platforms, Google's algorithms, the growing globality and the customer experience. All this means that the strategy to reach the customer and build loyalty has to be carried out by technology. The technology consultancy IDC predicts that in the next four years companies will allocate more than 130,000 million dollars to software specialized in marketing.

• The talent management 3.0 or the remote employee. Advances in technology also impact on the management of talent in the company. The concept of "employee" is changing. The new devices and the current possibilities of connectivity allow workers to perform their tasks remotely, with flexible hours, or without a fixed space within the same office. With the increase in mobility, technology also contributes to improving the management of diversity. The most innovative companies rely on Human Resources tools such as:
o The Corporate Social Network increases productivity by 25%, according to the American consultant Gartner, and allows working in a more collaborative way. The consultant Forrester has published a recent study on the best corporate social platforms, where you can see what is appropriate for each one.
o Gratification or how to use the game to motivate and retain talent, hire new staff, or design participatory products and processes. Gartner dared to advance years ago that in 2014 70% of the companies that are part of the Forbes Global 2000 would have a gaming application in their company.
o Extended use of social networks for selection of personnel, such as LinkedIn or Info jobs.

• The hardware of the future, the machinery that moves us. The MIT Technology Review includes in a special report the 10 most disruptive technologies of 2014. Among them, we find farmer drones, ultra-private smartphones, and robots with equilibrium capacity or 3D microprinting to produce biological tissue. It could also include innovative materials such as graphene, revolutionary plastics or lights that go through rain and snow.
More focused on leisure or personal care, we find wearable technology ("wearable" devices such as clothing or accessories), among others: smart glasses (Google Glass type), contact lenses, smart fabrics, watches, bracelets or other objects with multiple utilities
The success of these new devices will be given according to the resolution of the great future challenge: privacy. Experts consider it the most important aspect to solve; it can even make the difference between one technology and another



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